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swing chair Hanging Swing Egg Chair Rattan wicker garden patio egg chair hanging swing with stand for outdoor, indoor, hotel, restaurant, banquet, home. Handwoven and handcrafted wicker material by outstanding crafrsmen, Leisure, Comfortable, Durable! More Swing Chairs

Hanging Swing Chair Factory

Foshan Yuejia Furniture Co., Ltd. is located in Shunde, Foshan, a famous swing chair production base. Yuejia has 11 years of rattan hanging swing basket chairs production experience and can accept OEM customization. Our skilled craftsmen pass strict quality control and procedures to manufacture designs. Our SGS test rattan and high-quality polyethylene ensure long-term resistance to UV, oxidation and salt water.
Swing Egg Basket Chair The rattan hanging egg basket chair of Yuejia rattan is a new and fashionable variety of modern rattan furniture. Its design is inspired by the childhood swing, which brings joy and laughter to childhood. At the same time, the rattan wicker swing basket chair gives people comfort and coziness. The two products are specially combined, and the rattan hanging chair gradually shines in the rattan furniture industry and is well received by consumers. The material and shape are roughly the same, and it is more like a bird's nest. The rattan hanging chair not only brings people a simple and exquisite life attitude, but also provides a place of inner rest for the casual home life. The messy texture on the outside not only represents the warmth and comfort of the home, but also Yuejia Rattan's unique insight into fashion. Let you have a sufficient sense of security and comfort in this small place. Rattan furniture is fresh and natural, and its original wood brings health and environmental protection into home life. swing chair

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Choose the swing chair according to the position

More and more people adopt the idea of ​​indoor swing chair. Their attractiveness combined with the uniqueness that gives any living area an outdoor feel makes these furniture perfect decorative elements for small and large residences.

However, when choosing the perfect home swing chair, it is best to spend your own sweet time. Let us help you solve this problem by categorizing these swing chairs according to their location.

Outdoor swing chair

Do you want to hang the outdoor swing chair we are talking about on a balcony, patio/porch or backyard? Do you prefer a free-standing outdoor swing chair with a stand or an outdoor hanging chair that can support your own weight? Asking such an important question will guide you to choose the swing chair correctly. Let us describe it by location.

Indoor swing chair

Before becoming a part of your life experience, you need to judge your future indoor hanging chair based on three main characteristics. The first one is "size". Check the height, width and depth of the selected indoor swing chair. Once you are sure that your indoor swing chair is suitable for your home online, you can easily deliver it to your doorstep.

The second feature is-how it blends with your other furniture. Before spending money on any priced indoor swing chair, make sure it matches well with other furniture pieces and does not conflict with them. Indoor swing chairs with brackets come in a variety of colors, designs and shapes. You can even choose the ceiling that best suits your space for your bedroom.
Third, remember the location of this indoor swing with bracket. See if it will become a precious bedroom swing chair or a comfortable living room swing chair. Because the hanging chair in the bedroom may have different weight considerations for couples than the single swing chair in the living room.

Garden swing chair

The garden swing chair is both practical and fun. It provides you with a place where you can sit for hours among the green plants in the garden. This is why you need to choose the right type of hanging garden chair. In order not to let the weather disturb your nap in the garden, you can choose an independent swing chair. Many swing chairs with brackets are also equipped with weatherproof cushions.

Balcony Swing Chair

The next best option for placing a swing chair on the terrace is to place it on the balcony. It feels the same. Trust us, when you have a hanging chair for balcony at home, that corner will become your favorite place. This balcony swing chair can be used for single use, or it can be an exclusive "couple seat". You can easily hang any of our indoor swing chairs on your balcony and enjoy relaxation.

Patio swing chair

The attractive armrest and comfortable seat of the patio swing chair can relieve the stress of the day. The terrace swing chair with stand is a seat where you can relax after hanging up your boots for a day. You can even let the canopy swing occupy your porch. Decide how you want to set up a hanging patio chair!

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